If your idea of  a wedding from hell is reams of staged, boring group photographs and the traditional loud overbearing wedding photographer then I may just be the photographer for you!

I simply love to photograph people and their weddings and document what I see in a creative and sensitive way. I am most proud when being told that my images are inspiring, heartfelt, and sometimes bring a tear to your eye.

If you’ve had a peek at my Portfolio then hopefully you’ll realise that my style of wedding photography is very different from the hundreds of other photographers out there.

I hope you love:

natural and true storytelling

a calm, unflappable photographer who has the ability to blend seamlessly into your day

images that capture the spirit of connection; sensitive, emotion-filled and with a dash of humour

wedding photography that reflects those unique moments & the story of the wedding day as it gradually unfold

and should you want them – even painless group photographs…


“Natasha has an amazing ability to arrange large groups of people & get them to do exactly what she wants in a gentle and humorous way. Several of our guests commented that it was lovely to attend a wedding where the group photographs were painless.”  Sam & Ben


And I promise never to ask you to spend more time with me than with your guests.

Finding the perfect wedding photographer can be a real challenge and hopefully this page has helped you.

If you like what you see I ‘d love to hear from you so do get in touch

Why you can rely on me…


I’ve been a professional photographer since the early 90’s, I have a Masters in Photography from the London College of Communication,  a Degree in Fine Art and my images have been exhibited internationally.

One of my other passions is teaching. I train up-and-coming photographers to tell stories and communicate emotions through their image-making, and many have gone on to become successful professional photographers.

All this experience has taught me not only how to create beautiful images in all types of weather, but also how to make you and your guests feel at ease and how to pitch my presence at weddings – when to be assertive, for example with formal shots, and when to fade into the background. I also work creatively and swiftly so that you’re not away from your guests for hours posing for endless photographs.

Preparation is so important when it comes to creating great pictures. I always like to visit the venues and meet up for a chat well before the big day to get to know you and discuss any special requests you might have. I’m based in Sussex but I shoot weddings all over the country.